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Streamline and improve visibility. 

Precision TI identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your environment and creates you a blueprint for success.

Non-Profit IT Services

Non-Profit IT Services
By adopting our proactive Non-Profit IT Services, your organization can safeguard its data from ransomware, viruses, and hackers.

Achieve Your Organization's Mission with Momentum

As a non-profit, you have an ambitious objective to fulfill, and to stay focused on what truly matters, you require a proactive IT team.

At PTI, we understand that each organization is unique, with its own specific set of technological needs. With over 25 years of experience in serving non-profits, we offer exceptional non-profit IT consulting, IT support, and IT management services. Our aim is to comprehend your goals completely by collaborating closely with your organization. We assist you in addressing any IT challenges you may be facing, empowering you to excel in the realm of technology. Discover how our non-profit IT services can propel your organization towards accomplishing its objectives.

Crafting the Appropriate IT Strategy for Your Business

In the realm of non-profit organizations, effective budget management is paramount. Our team of consultants is well-versed in project submission methodologies and budgeting periods. With our non-profit IT programs, we ensure that every dollar is maximized, allocating funds to the most suitable locations and platforms. Through collaboration with your organization, we provide the necessary documentation for stakeholder presentations and assist in determining applicable technological discounts and grants. Our goal is to ensure that your non-profit's IT solutions align with your budgetary constraints. An excellent tool for assessing the infrastructure of your non-profit IT agency is IT reviews.

Our non-profit IT advisory programs are designed to assist your organization in achieving its goals. We work closely with your company to identify opportunities for optimizing your existing IT system and establishing a cohesive plan for enhancing your IT environment, ensuring seamless operations for your non-profit at all times.

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Pursuit of Business Goals

In the ever-evolving landscape of non-profit organizations, finding a strategic partner can set your company apart. By collaborating with PTI as your non-profit IT services provider, you gain valuable insights into leveraging technology to foster growth and enhance your organization's capabilities, giving you a competitive advantage in the market. Whether it's developing an app, creating a customized online platform for donor campaigns, or implementing collaborative software to empower your volunteers on the move, we are dedicated to promoting your projects and aiding the expansion of your company. Our extensive network of support resources ensures that your non-profit stays connected and thrives.

Safeguarding and Empowering Your Data for Business Success

By leveraging our non-profit IT services, you can integrate business intelligence (BI) solutions into your organization, enabling powerful outcomes. Data plays a crucial role in running an effective organization and making informed decisions. We collaborate closely with you to devise a tailored approach to business intelligence, allowing you to gain real-time insights into what is working and what needs improvement within your company.

The foundation of your organization lies within your contact database, comprising memberships and contributors, and it is imperative to ensure the security of this data. With PTIs non-profit IT services, we prioritize the protection of your valuable documents. Our expertise spans over 23 years in safeguarding non-profit assets against potential hackers and risks. We work together with you to assess your current security posture and devise strategies to enhance it, adhering to stringent data security and IT compliance standards.

Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Support Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Imagine the scenario where your office computers are damaged due to a burst water pipe or when a former employee maliciously deletes an entire customer account. Such unforeseen technical disasters can significantly impact your business. However, having a robust strategy in place to address these challenges ensures that any disruptions are only temporary.

At our organization, we have a dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly to ensure the security of your company's data. This becomes even more crucial when you're constantly on the move, transitioning from one property visit to another, where the use of public wireless internet is prevalent. With our Zero Trust Security policy, we prioritize device lockdown and only grant access to authorized personnel after they have successfully completed our authentication process. As a managed security service provider, our approach involves analyzing, securing, identifying, and responding to attacks, ensuring comprehensive protection for your non-profit organization.

Legal IT Support

At PTI, we understand the demanding nature of the legal industry, where errors are unacceptable and client confidentiality is of utmost importance. Law firms in New York and Dallas rely on our expertise in Legal IT Support & Services to effectively leverage technology and meet regulatory requirements for secure record-keeping.

Is your law firm equipped with the necessary IT support to operate at its full potential? According to the American Bar Association's 2017 Tech Survey, 60 percent of law firms allocate budget for IT infrastructure. Are your firm's IT resources optimized within the allocated budget? We can assist you with that! With over a decade of experience in serving the legal sector, PTI is well-versed in the unique IT challenges faced by law firms. We provide tailored IT services to support your firm's application optimization and IT management needs, freeing you up to focus on the pressing legal matters you encounter daily.

Providing IT Support to Law Firms Nationwide

How We Assist Law Firms

At PTI, we understand that every minute is valuable for lawyers. Our legal IT support systems swiftly address any technical challenges you encounter, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Protection and Security of Client Data

Law firms face an increasing number of data vulnerabilities today. With our comprehensive IT services for law firms, PTI excels at helping lawyers safeguard client records. As an attorney, your work takes you across the globe, and we ensure that your data is accessible within seconds, even while you're on the go.

Data Accessibility

As an attorney, your work takes you across the globe. At PTI, we ensure that your records are readily accessible within seconds, no matter where you are.

Supporting Law Firms in Any Situation

PTI has established offices worldwide to support lawyers, accountants, CPAs, accounting firms, and bookkeeping professionals in optimizing their technology. We offer unparalleled technology consulting, network support, and other IT services tailored to law firms of all sizes. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of IT support, allowing you to focus on running your business. PTI provides various types of infrastructure support for legal companies, including help desk services, Office 365 migrations, and other IT initiatives.

Assistance in Implementing Best Business Strategies

PTI is proficient in helping lawyers adopt best practices throughout their firms to safeguard sensitive client data. We possess the expertise and practical implementation skills to integrate new data security measures into your legal technology. Simultaneously, we can assist you in developing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that addresses the needs and obligations of your entire organization. Our law IT services identify potential areas of system breakdown and proactively implement measures to prevent or resolve issues before they become troublesome.

Leading Provider of High-Quality Legal IT Support and Services

PTI is a comprehensive Information Technology management firm with strategic locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Dallas. With a track record of over 20 years, our founders have consistently delivered exceptional IT support and solutions to law firms nationwide. Our streamlined and proven process enables us to swiftly onboard and commence supporting our clients. Firstly, we dedicate time to fully comprehend your unique business requirements. We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing IT infrastructure to identify any gaps and determine the necessary measures to bridge them. Armed with a deep understanding of your technological landscape, we deploy state-of-the-art solutions and provide ongoing maintenance to align with your business objectives.

Financial IT Support

Leading Provider of Premier IT Support and Consulting for Accounting Firms

At PTI, we understand the evolving technological demands and challenges faced by the accounting and financial industry. Our mission is to support you and your organization in achieving success. We offer comprehensive IT support and solutions tailored specifically to address the accounting-related needs of your business.

Rely on PTI to Ensure Compliance and Security for Your Financial Business

In today's landscape, even an unintended breach can have significant consequences for both your company and its clients. It is now more crucial than ever to establish an efficient IT accounting solution that safeguards your organization.

PTI recognizes the increased scrutiny imposed by government regulations and possesses extensive experience in assisting financial and accounting clients in identifying and implementing best practices for reporting and securing confidential consumer data in the industry. We currently serve numerous accounting firms with top-notch financial IT support and assure you that data protection can seamlessly become an integral part of your company. Our IT support programs for finance and accounting help businesses prepare for unforeseen circumstances, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise.

Creating a Robust Business Continuity Plan for Accounting and Financial Firms

Imagine if your office computers were destroyed by a burst water pipe or if a former employee maliciously deleted an entire customer account. There are numerous scenarios that can disrupt business operations, but having a well-defined strategy in place to address unforeseen technical disasters can ensure that the impact is only temporary.

PTI specializes in assisting accounting and finance companies in developing crisis management and business continuity strategies through our expert IT advisory services. Our solutions take into account the specific expectations and obligations of each department within your organization. By conducting an IT audit of your existing systems and processes, we can identify areas of strength and vulnerability. Your clients rely on you, and you can rely on us to ensure that your IT accounting program operates seamlessly, regardless of the circumstances, around the clock.

Healthcare IT Support

Leading Healthcare IT Service Provider in the State

PTI has established itself as a renowned IT service provider for the healthcare industry in the state. With over two decades of experience in delivering healthcare IT services, we possess a deep understanding of the technical requirements and challenges specific to this sector. Below are just a few ways in which we can support and empower your organization:

Boosting Billing Efficiency

We can help optimize your main departments' billing processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Ensuring Document and Medical Record Security

Our solutions ensure the safe and secure storage of all your important documents and medical records.

Streamlining Data Collection and Entry

We assist in reducing the costs associated with data collection and entry while improving data accuracy.

Business Process Alignment

We align your company's processes, structures, and frameworks to facilitate transformative changes in how you conduct business.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Treatment

We enable the use of electronic documents, health information sharing, wireless solutions, and other technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment you provide.

Managing Compliance

Compliance with strict regulations, such as HIPAA, is crucial for the success of healthcare organizations. At PTI, we offer a range of customizable healthcare IT services to ensure compliance, including comprehensive IT evaluations, strategic IT consulting, and a suite of security services. Our offerings align with industry best practices, helping your organization meet compliance requirements effectively.

Effective Technology Management

With over a decade of experience working with various entities in the medical industry, from small practices to large pharmaceutical companies and research labs, we understand the unique technology needs of healthcare providers. While you focus on delivering a higher standard of care to your clients, we ensure that your technology infrastructure is efficiently managed. Our healthcare IT specialists are dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve.

HIPAA Compliance

As your IT provider, we are fully HIPAA compliant. We adhere to all the rules and regulations outlined by to provide a secure and protected service. Your organization can have complete confidence in our commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant environment.

On-Demand Healthcare IT Support Services


Say goodbye to work disruptions caused by computer failures by partnering with PTI. Our remote helpdesk support ensures prompt resolution of most issues within the first call. We proactively monitor your computers to prevent problems and minimize downtime in your medical office.

In compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), medical facilities adopt Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for improved office management. With our extensive experience, we have successfully installed and implemented various popular EHR applications.

Overview of Our Healthcare IT Support Services

24/7 Remote and Onsite Support
We provide round-the-clock remote and onsite support to address any IT issues you may encounter.

EHR/EMR Software Management and Upgrades
Our team manages and performs upgrades for EHR/EMR software, ensuring smooth operation and optimal functionality.

Zero Trust Security Policy
We prioritize patient data security with a meticulously planned Cyber Security policy, implementing a Zero Trust approach to keep your data safe and secure.

Real Estate IT Support

Gain a Competitive Edge with Our Comprehensive Real Estate IT Support Services

Elevate your real estate firm's infrastructure with our industry-leading IT services. PTI is a nationally recognized managed service provider (MSP) that empowers our real estate clients to work at their best, 24x7x365. Whether you work on the go or remotely, our real estate IT support resources are here to assist you.

Rely on PTI to Streamline Your Real Estate Business with Technology

The real estate market is dynamic, and so should be your business. Onetech360 offers tailored Real Estate IT Support and technology evaluations for firms of all sizes. We equip you with the tools and systems necessary to sell and manage your company successfully, fostering growth. Our technical team comprises certified engineers who are ready to provide round-the-clock IT services to your organization.

Delivering IT Support to Real Estate Clients Nationwide

As a nationwide IT support company, we cater to the technical needs of businesses regardless of their location. Our real estate IT support services are specifically designed to meet the requirements of on-the-go real estate agents.

Adaptive and Scalable IT Consulting Services

Is your current IT solution capable of scaling alongside your growing business? We offer adaptive and scalable IT consulting services to ensure that your technology infrastructure keeps pace with your evolving needs.

Mobile and Remote Cloud Support

Our engineers are available round the clock to provide real estate IT services via phone or remote applications. We strive to resolve most issues within the first call, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.

Security First

Keeping your company's data secure is of paramount importance, especially when you're on the go and utilizing public wireless internet. Our team of experts works tirelessly to safeguard your data. With our Zero Trust Security policy, your devices remain locked at all times, granting access only to authorized personnel after undergoing our rigorous authentication process. As a managed security service provider, we analyze, secure, identify, and respond to potential attacks.

Effective and Affordable Real Estate IT Support Services

Imagine the impact of office computers destroyed by a broken water pipe or an ex-employee maliciously deleting an entire customer account. Unforeseen technical disasters can disrupt your business, but with a robust strategy in place, you can ensure that the disturbance is temporary.