Are you prepared to defend against cyber attacks? PrecisionTI threat hunting services can help you detect, monitor, and respond to potential threats to your business, around the clock.


of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error


of cyber attacks target small businesses


average cost of a data breach

At PrecisionTI, we take a proactive stance on cybersecurity to provide our clients with a sense of security. We offer technology solutions to enhance cyber defenses, assist with migrations and deployments, and constantly monitor operations from our fully equipped cybersecurity command center.

Don't let a security breach go undetected. PrecisionTI's cybersecurity experts constantly monitor your operations for potential threats. If any issues are identified, our team is prepared to respond quickly, keeping you protected at all times. Utilize PrecisionTI's cybersecurity risk assessment service to be proactive in responding to threats and maintaining a secure environment.

Who can access your sensitive information? It's crucial to keep private data secure. Identity management ensures that only authorized users have access to your critical systems, and that access is appropriate for their role.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your network activity, real-time reporting, and automated threat response solutions through advanced data intelligence. Ensure all your data is protected with appropriate security measures.

Cloud computing can greatly improve your business operations, but it's crucial to have a secure cloud to protect your sensitive information. PrecisionTI's team of IT professionals provides top-notch security for your cloud infrastructure using leading partners and solutions.

A single phishing email can cause significant harm to your business. PrecisionTI's reduces your risk of email-based cyber attacks by implementing encryption, email gateways, DLP, and other security measures.

Your company's security is directly impacted by the actions of your employees. PrecisionTI is eager to assist in implementing your cybersecurity program and providing training to all employees on best practices in security.

Your organization may already be at risk. Discover more about our threat hunting services to determine the safety of your data.